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Oh, hey! I'm JP, as you might have noticed by now. I live in Afghanistan. I moved here with my family from South Africa when I was 6. I am now 17, in grade 11 in an Online School. This country is my home. 


I have friends from all over the world, since I'm a TCK (Third Culture Kid for those of you in the first world that live in a box... :P). Americans, Argentines, South Africans, Afghans, Egyptians, and the list goes on. This has exposed me to many cultures, and traditions! 


I speak 3 languages, namely, English, Afrikaans, and Dari (very close to Farsi). I can read in all 3 of these as well, not meaning to brag or anything. I've also been in about 20 countries. You could say I know my way around. 

Who? Me?

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